Blue Light Series – Part 4 – Supplements, By Benjamin V. Clingan, OD

Last week we gave you an overview of various lenses and screen filters that block blue light from ever reaching your eyes. This week we will focus on supplements designed to protect your eyes from the inside.

THE SOLUTION – Supplements

As mentioned in an earlier post, when light hits your photoreceptors a biochemical reaction occurs and a waste product is formed (free radicals). Normally, your body can get rid of these free radicals on its own, but in cases like Macular Degeneration (AMD) it struggles to keep up. The waste products build up over time and start to affect your vision. If left untreated, you can go blind.

Scientific evidence has shown that Mild AMD can be prevented from progressing to Moderate or Severe AMD by adding Lutein and Zeaxanthin to your diet in the form of a supplement (AREDS 2 formula). If you are a smoker or have quit recently, you will want to take the beta-carotene free version. This will lower your risk of developing lung cancer as a side effect of the supplement.

As it relates to our blue light discussion, your retina is most sensitive blue light, and an increase in blue light absorption is likely to increase your risk for AMD. While there is currently no study suggesting that adding these to your diet now can prevent any signs or symptoms of AMD, adding these supplements certainly won’t hurt your ocular health. Future studies may show that the supplements do in fact perform the way the manufacturers currently claim. Below is a link two such websites:

To discuss your risk for developing AMD, schedule your yearly Routine Eye Exam. Also, to learn more about blue blocking technology visit our optical.

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