Visian (ICL) Implants

An Alternative to Laser Vision Correction

The Visian phakic intraocular lens (IOL) are designed to be implanted into the eyes of severely nearsighted and farsighted patients who may not suitable candidates for cornea-based refractive surgery like LASIK and PRK.

The Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) corrects the eye’s refractive capability so that normal vision can be achieved. The implant takes only a few minutes for each eye, and the patient is free to leave the office a few hours later. It is a microsurgical procedure without laser primarily for the correction of medium to extreme nearsightedness (myopia) where other methods such as LASIK are unsuitable. The Visian ICL is inserted behind the iris and is therefore invisible. It is made of a superior lens material called Collamer, which provides unparalleled biocompatibility. This is important, as the implants remain in the eye for many years. The Visian ICL provides a permanent or reversible solution, as the lens can be changed or removed if necessary. If there is a significant amount of astigmatism present, it may be combined with laser surgery, to allow for sharper acuity.

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Visian ICL Testimonials

Top U.S. Cyclist Tom Danielson discusses his expeirences with Visian ICL
WWE Diva Eve Torres discusses her expeirences with Visian ICL

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