What Over the Counter Readers should I purchase?

Life will continue to give us new challenges as we get older. One of these difficult challenges is that our eyes lose the ability to focus on near objects. This makes reading small print impossible without help. The easiest solution to this problem is over the counter readers that are available at drug stores, grocery stores, and Smart Specs Optical.

Readers are organized by their magnification power starting at 1.25 and increase 0.25 up to 3.25. No matter what number you choose, it will not damage your eyes and you will not make your near vision worse. The number you choose depends on the individual and what you are reading. For example, 1.25-1.75 will work for a computer and 2.00-3.25 for reading books, newspapers, food labels, etc. This is a general starting point and some individuals will not fall into these number ranges. For example, I am 39 years old. I wear +3.00 readers for computer and near work. I am very farsighted (I see clearly at distance), so I will need a higher number. Individuals that recently had cataract surgery and opted for clear distance vision will fall in the above range.

If you think readers can help you, please come into Smart Specs Optical and we can walk you through our selection and what power will work best for you.

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