Strategies to Comply With Medications

Many of us are required to take medications at one time or another in our lives. Compliance is an issue because we are human, and tend to forget what we are supposed to do. This can have damaging results, particularly to our eyes.

One way to remember your pills or eye drops is to use an electronic reminder system that you can download to your smart phone. The pharmacists’ number one rated pill reminder application (app) Medisafe Medication Management is built for either Android or iPhones. This app is reportedly offers easy set-up, and will remind you to take your meds based on your structured schedule. Your notifications can also be linked to your external devices such as your smart watch.

Another strategy to remember your meds is to take them at a particular time when you are doing another daily routine. If you keep your drops or pills nearby it will jog your memory to take them.
A patient of ours shared a method that she uses to remember her drops daily. To ensure she remembered to use them each evening, she developed a simple system that works for her.

She uses a large, seven-day pill box, and puts her eye drop bottle inside. Before going to bed, she checks the box, and if today was Friday, and the bottle was in the Friday compartment, she knows she hasn’t yet used them. She puts in her drops, then moves the bottle to the Saturday space. She repeats this system each night and it keeps her regimen on track.

Lexi Kortsen, OD

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