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SeasonsThere are people who just elicit envy from those around them. You know the type, people who just seem to naturally choose the perfect outfit and accessories. Their clothes enhance their natural beauty, and they seem to utterly glow within the space they occupy.

Something that you may not know is that every one has unique color that is complementary to certain color schemes. So your perfect friend may not actually be perfect after all, maybe she’s just very selective about what she wears.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of being color draped, you may not know what shades best suit your skin tones and hair. You can do a quick self-analysis using coloranalysis.com. Beginning with hair color, this free analysis moves into eye color and then skin tone. You will learn what colors bring out your natural vibrancy, and you can begin to build your wardrobe of clothing and accessories around these specific colors. It’s important to note that wearing the wrong colors can wash you out and even age your appearance.

Your eyeglass frames are your most important accessories because they are so visible to anyone who looks at or talks with you, so be very selective with your eyewear as well. I have listed below some images of frames that we offer in the categories used by the coloranalysis site.

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Image creditFall Forest Leaves by Lilla Frerichs; Winter Scene by Peter Griffin; Spring Tree by George Hodan; Trees by George Hodan

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