Myopia Control, by Benjamin V. Clingan, OD

  • Posted on: Mar 6 2018
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What is myopia?

MyopiaMyopia refers to the refractive error (glasses prescription) of patients who are nearsighted.

What is myopia control?

As some of you who are myopic have noticed from personal experience, once you are given a glasses prescription it keeps “getting worse” every time you visit the eye doctor.  While your eyes themselves are still healthy, you just need more refractive correction to see clearly.  Now if this correction increases at a rapid rate to where it can be considered pathologic, health concerns and risk can increase as well.

Children are most susceptible because as they grow their prescription will change anyway.  Our society is constantly forcing them to use computers, tablets, and cell phones all the time, and that prescription change can be more dramatic.  That is why, in certain cases, we recommend using other methods than traditional glasses or contacts to slow the progression.

Over the next few blogs, we will discuss the various methods to control myopia.  If you think that you or your child may need to slow myopic progression, please call our office schedule an appointment.



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