Patient Testimonial – T.G.

Dr Mahanti’s skill and the way he runs his office is top notch. From the moment you enter the office you encounter friendly competence and professionalism. By the time you see Dr Mahanti the preparatory testing has all been efficiently performed so that Dr Mahanti can proceed with his analysis and other testing requiring his skill. All of this is done in a timely and competent manner. I recently had an eye issue which Dr, Mahanti correctly diagnosed, but wanted a second opinion. He referred me to an excellent specialist in Phoenix who agreed with the diagnosis. This points to the excellence and competence of Dr Mahanti. It speaks to me of the desire to be correct in treatment of patients and where an additional verification is useful, Dr Mahanti is humble enough to get another specialist to help in diagnosis. This is the kind of Dr I want watching over my health….a skilled competent Dr. who validates his treatment of patients when there is some uncertainty in what he sees. I feel very secure in Dr. Mahanti’s skill and integrity. I recommend Dr Mahanti’s practice to anyone seeking professional care and integrity in their treatment.

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